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CBA dividend dates 2022 | CBA dividend history and Financial calendar 

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CBA dividend dates 2022 | CBA dividend history and Financial calendar

What is CBA-Commonwealth bank of Australia

The Commbank is Australia’s biggest bank which was established in 1911 by the AU gov and later on, in 1996 it became privatized.

In 1991, commbank got recorded in ASX with ticker code CBA. The fundamental settlement of the bank is situated in Sydney.

By and large, this was a speedy prologue to CBA and here, you will get valuable data about CBA dividend dates during the time of 2020, 2021, and 2022. Essentially our attention will be on CBA dividend dates in 2022.

CBA Financial calendar 2022

Summary       Previous dividend       Next dividend
Status                Paid                        Forecast
Type                  Interim                    Final
Per share           1.75c                       2.10c
Statement date  09 Feb 2022 (Wed)   10 Aug 2022
Ex-div date        16 Feb 2022 (Wed)   16 Aug 2022 (Tue)
Pay date            30 Mar 2022 (Wed)  28 Sep 2022 (Marry)CBA dividend dates 2022 | CBA Financial calendar 2022

Detailing a wide range of funds like benefits, misfortunes, dividends, and expenses during the Financial year is known as a Financial calendar. In Australia, the Financial calendar begins from the first of July to the 31st of June.

CBA dividend dates 2022 | CBA dividend history and Financial calendar 
CBA dividend dates 2022 | CBA dividend history and Financial calendar 

CBA dividend dates 2022

Event                                                         Date

The primary quarter exchanging update 1Q22    17 Nov 2021

Half-year results and interval dividend declaration date 9 Feb 2022

The ex-dividend date for the interval divide is     16 Feb 2022

The record date for the interval dividend is          17 Feb 2022

DRP interest cutoff time                                     18 Feb 2022

Interval dividend installment                              30 Mar 2022

Shutting date for receipt of chief assignments before Regular gathering 9 Aug 2022

Entire year results and last dividend declaration date 10 Aug 2022

The ex-dividend date for the definite dividend         17 Aug 2022

The record date for the definite dividend                   18 Aug 2022

DRP interest cutoff time                                       19 Aug 2022

Last dividend installment date                            29 Sep 2022*

2022 Yearly Regular gathering                             12 Oct 2022

What could be CBA dividend be in 2022?

Different Financial guides have various figures and assumptions for the CBA dividend for FY22. According to Morgan Stanley, the CBA dividend will be 5.2% while, UBS expectations are unique and they said that the dividend yield for CBA FY22 will be 4.8%. Generally speaking dividend yields for all large 4 banks are supposed to increment in FY23 and FY24.

Commonwealth bank of Australia FAQ

How much is the next CBA dividend?

In February 2022, CBA declared a dividend of $1.75 per share which shows a 17% increment on the FY21 half-year dividend. ( COOL isn’t it?)

What is the CBA dividend yield in 2022?

While composing this post, the yearly dividend yield of the province bank of Australia is 3.68% and the quarterly dividend sum is $0.94 AUD

What dates are dividends paid?

dividends are paid practically the next a month after the record date.

Does commsec reinvest dividends?

Indeed, they reinvest dividends under Dribble, which assists in expanding the building with a rating.

What date does CBA go ex-dividend?

Republic Bank of Australia’s impending ex-dividend date is on Sep 06, 2022.

Would it be a good idea for me to put resources into CBA shares?

Indeed, according to past records bank has developed definitely and its future pattern can be expected to be positive, Thus, holding ASX: CBA offer could be productive, Moreover, blue-chip organizations have typically given around 10% re-visitation of their investors according to past records thus, according to this point of view ASX: CBA could be a product offer and furthermore they delivers dividends which are free cash or you can say recurring, automated revenue, which can be reinvested under Trickle plan given by Ward bank to their investors.

The above video is from Rask Media, they are extremely well known in covering the Australian securities exchange. On account of them for this astonishing video about the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA share price ).

Is the CBA share price good worth?

Most representatives and Financial masters feel that the CBA share price is overrated right now. According to Moneyjacks.com $90 to $95 appears to be an ideal price for this offer and purchasing should be possible as of now on the off chance that your vision is to hold this offer as long as possible. One more advantage of holding this offer is you can appreciate free dividend installments like numerous financial backers partaking in the CBA dividend in 2022. This offer has areas of strength for the to break the $100 level before very long.

CBA share overview

Mkt cap                          166.41B
P/E ratio                         16.07
dividend yield                   3.83%
52-wk high                      110.19
52-wk low                       86.98
CBA dividend 2022          $1.75 interval and 2.10c last
CBA dividend 2023 is Yet to declare


To finish up, in the above article we have examined the dividend dates of CBA for the years 2022, 2021, and 2022. We likewise examined the dividend yield of CBA too, moreover, the eventual fate of CBA shares has additionally been talked about by perusers.

In the event that you are searching for different dividends of other significant banks, check the cry connect.

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