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Monday, November 28, 2022

BHP dividend dates 2022 | BHP financial calendar  | BHP dividend 2022

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BHP dividend dates 2022 | BHP financial calendar  | BHP dividend 2022

BHP dividend dates 2022 | BHP key dates 2022

Ex-Date           Pay-Date         Amount        Franking rate
24 Feb 2022     28 Mar 2022      208.06c          100%
02 Sep 2021    21 Sep 2021      273.56c          100%
04 Mar 2021    23 Mar 2021      129.79c          100%
05 Mar 2020    24 Mar 2020      97.13c            100%
05 Sep 2019    25 Sep 2019      114c               100%
07 Mar 2019    26 Mar 2019      78.08c            100%
10 Jan 2019    30 Jan 2019       141c               100%
06 Sep 2018   25 Sep 2018       88.55c            100%
08 Mar 2018   27 Mar 2018       70.59c            100%
07 Sep 2017   26 Sep 2017       52.95c            100%
09 Mar 2017   28 Mar 2017       53.18c            100%
01 Sep 2016   20 Sep 2016      18.52c             100%
10 Mar 2016   31 Mar 2016      21.37c             100%
09 Sep 2015   29 Sep 2015      87.78c            100%
11 Mar 2015   31 Mar 2015      80.82c            100%
03 Sep 2014   23 Sep 2014     66.2c               100%
03 Mar 2014   26 Mar 2014     64.72c             100%
02 Sep 2013   25 Sep 2013     64.38c             100%
04 Mar 2013   28 Mar 2013     55.57c             100%
03 Sep 2012   28 Sep 2012     55.08c             100%
27 Feb 2012   22 Mar 2012     51.07c             100%
05 Sep 2011   29 Sep 2011    52.01c             100%
07 Mar 2011   31 Mar 2011    45.94c             100%
06 Sep 2010   30 Sep 2010    48.65c             100%
01 Mar 2010   23 Mar 2010    46.47c             100%

BHP dividend dates 2022
BHP dividend dates 2022

The previously mentioned table gives data about BHP dividend dates 2022, BHP dividend dates 2021, etc till the year 2010. The above data in regard to BHP dividends is taken from the authority site of BHP.

BHP dividend 2022

Summary               Previous dividend          Next dividend
Status                         Paid                            Forecast
Type                            Interim                       Final
Per share                     2.08 AUD                   To be reported
Announcement date      15 Feb 2022 [Tue]      02 Aug 2022 {Tue}
Ex-div date                   24 Feb 2022 [Thu]      01 Sep 2022 {Thu}
Pay date                       28 Mar 2022 [Mo ]      20 Sep 2022 {Tue}

The above table gives data about BHP dividend 2022, Table showcases data about How much compensation is pronounced by BHP. Significant dates are additionally referenced like the date of the announcement, and Ex-div endlessly dates of installment.

company history: BHP

The BHP represents Broken Slope Exclusive. This company was established on 16 July 1885 in Silvertown, NSW. It is a global mining, petrol, and metals company. BHP is a public company and its base camp is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

This company works in numerous nations other than Australia like Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, the remainder of Asia, India, North and South America, and universally. The really functional areas of mastery are Iron Mineral, Petrol, Coal, and Copper. Bhp participated in the mining of silver, copper, molybdenum, zinc, gold, uranium, metallurgical, iron mineral, and coal.

Aside from investigation, improvement, creation, mining, purifying, and refining exercises, BHP is additionally associated with companies like advertising, towing, cargo dealing with the board, money, exchanging, and some other administrator administrations.

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BHP share price ASX

While composing this article, BHP’s portion cost is $46.21 AUD with a 52wk high of $54.55 AUD and a 52wk low of $35.56 AUD. BHP’s portion Price-earning relationship is 9.87 starting around 10/05/2022. Assuming you look at the diagram, BHP’s portion has shown a vertical pattern over the most recent 5 years. According to moneyjacks.com BHP share is a decent offer for people who have a drawn-out vision of effective financial planning as well as need a few dividends on their portions.

Is it a great chance to purchase BHP shares?

At present, the Offer cost of BHP is going to hit ATH once more, So purchasing at ATH isn’t worth the effort normally, Yet BHP shares can possibly go higher from here. Likewise, if your vision to put resources into BHP shares is for the drawn out then ATH isn’t your anxiety since, supposing that you see past records BHP has performed very well since the beginning. BHP’s portion cost expanded gradually yet in addition offered extremely worthwhile dividends. In this way, according to moneyjacks.com, it is a great chance to purchase BHP shares in the event that your vision is to hold for the following couple of years.

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BHP reinvestment plan

BHP sent off the reinvestment plan in 2018, In this arrangement, investors can have the choice of purchasing BHP shares from the dividend given to them as holding BHP shares.

BHP dividend yield

Yearly dividend yield                10.38%

Quarterly dividend amount to 1.20 AUD


When is the bhp dividend paid?

The following BHP dividend will be paid on 20 September 2022 and this will be the second dividend by BHP in the year 2022.

When does bhp go ex-dividend?

01 Sep 2022 – The following ex-dividend is normal in the following 3 months of time.

How frequently does the BHP Gathering deliver dividends?

BHP delivers dividends two times per year and installment months are Walk and September.

Will BHP deliver an extraordinary dividend in 2022?

Indeed, BHP could deliver an extraordinary dividend in 2022 and it will be US$4.62 with US$1.98 of franking credits.


To close, the Above article gives total data about BHP dividend dates 2022, BHP dividend history, and a lot more alongside the company profile. In the event that you like this article, we strongly prescribe you check different articles which are like this one, for example, Medibank dividend dates, CBA dividend dates, and Grab dividend dates.

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